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Music Street Journal (USA)
“Pete Teo could prove to be the Chinese world’s most important crossover artist. He paints his stories with the brushstrokes of a master – his colours are dynamic yet washed out, revealing melancholia.”

Sunday Star (Malaysia)
“Rustic Living For Urbanites is a remarkably quiet debut album. But it unearths a shout of brilliance that should be heard by everyone who appreciates music.”

SpendidEzine (USA)
“The singer/songwriter genre is rife with balding, middle-aged men. The music they make often lacks balls. Younger musicians like Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley have departed before their time, leaving ample room for musicians who truly care about writing and singing to leave their marks. Kevin Tihista is one of these; David Garza is another. Add Malaysian musician Pete Teo to the ranks as well”.

Kakiseni (Malaysia)
“Every once in a while an artist comes in from the fringes to shake things up and challenge the preconceptions we have all become comfortable with, which is why artists like Pete Teo are important…”

The Star (Malaysia)
“Mellow, mature and with more than a hint of studied cool to his repertoire, Pete Teo is making ambitious music that requires his audiences to use their brains.”

Muzik review (USA)
“Pete Teo is an artist-poet-musician in the truest sense of the word. His songs are poetry in motion. If you have lost your head lately and need to get back to reality with both feet on the ground, Rustic Living For Urbanites offers wonderful music with sobering thoughts to help you get there.”

NY Rock (USA)
“There is nothing about Teo’s disc that I can fault. It’s a gem from start to finish.”

Minor 7th (USA)
“Pete Teo, Malaysian native, might very well be a pop music genius. His worldview helps to create an otherworldly aura, as he comes at us from an angle that we’re not accustomed to. There’s a vague sense of mystery shrouding him, building a pleasant curiosity. This is intriguing work; it feels like Zen pop, hinting at life’s answers but offering only questions.”

The Musician (Malaysia)
“Simultaneously manic depressive, brooding, bittersweet and epic to the point of being cinematic, Rustic Living For Urbanites is pure exhilaration.”

In Bangsar (Malaysia)
“Rustic Living For Urbanites is musically polished yet emotionally raw. It delights and saddens in equal measure, and above all, leaves the listener in no doubt that Pete Teo is a force to be reckoned with.”

Smother.Net (USA)
“Perhaps its his tender songwriting that puts words to lovemaking or maybe it’s the fondness with which he strums the guitar, but the outcome of Rustic living For Urbanites is ground shatteringly good pop songs. It is guaranteed to sand down the rough divide between the cult fanatics that are already attached to every wisp that Pete Teo is involved in and the new fan that has only recently caught on.”


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