GEIST. John Mcdevitt lives in the UK. We like each other’s work and correspond from time to time. His band makes really good music. I listen to their CD when I have nothing to do. Like when I am in between something. They sound so re-assuring. Like good friends do. Or how old chairs feel. I wish I could write songs with such charm. It’s not easy.

SINGLETRACKMIND. His real name is Alex. We go back so long I’d have to lie about my age. We had a cheesy little band doing cheesy little numbers in London. But he’s turned into a rocker since and I’ve morphed into a folkie. Life is like that I guess. He is working with some heavy on his second album in LA. Perhaps I’ll visit. I like Alex. He walks the talk.

TREY GUNN. Multi-instrumentalist. Famed for playing the touchstyle guitar for King Crimson. Almost played on Television but scheduling conspired against it. Would have been super cool. And not a little dangerous. Intelligent. Cerebral. Mathematical. If I ever do a crazy ass prog album, he’d be the first person to call. Him and a bunch of choir girls. Wicked.

UMEZU KAZUTOKI. If not the most famous reed player in Japan, then certainly the most interesting. Powerful. Quirky. Funny. Sad. Always uniquely Japanese. Has dozens of projects going on simultaneously including a band dedicated to Jewish Klezmer music. Introduced Hayakawa to me in deep dark No Black Tie. After we jammed. Long ago now. A true great.

TONY LEVIN. Uber bassist. Worked with everyone from Lennon to McLachlan. Band member of King Crimson and Peter Gabriel. We almost collaborated twice. But scheduling interfered once and family bereavement the other. When warned of anti-Bush tone of my recent music, he replied: ‘All the more reason to play in it’. Sadly, it didn’t happen. A missed opportunity.

RYOKUKA KEIKAKU. Or The Greening Project. One of Hayakawa’s many bands. Led by composer/cellist Keiki Midorikawa. Unique blend of jazz, avant garde and free form virtuosity. Caught them in Tokyo. Tiny venue. They played unamplified. Got myself an autographed copy of their CD. Then we got drunk. Mad fun.