My links range from people who have helped me over the years, or have worked with me, or who I have come to admire, or who have taught me things, to others who have simply befriended me and shared with me their stories. Click on the icons or link texts to meet them.

ARTISTS. I’ve had the good fortune to meet with many successful artists over the years. They are as different from each other as chalk and cheese. However, one thing is shared – a work ethic that borders on being pathological. And a fierce determination to beat the odds. Here are some whom I’ve worked with. And others I simply enjoy the company of.

COLLABORATORS. Making records is a collaborative process. I see it as inviting musicians to leave behind a bit of themselves on my work. I guess it is kinda like good sex – a little of their sadness here, some of my laughter there, hopes and fears everywhere – all mingled up and melted down. These are the good people who let me borrow their dreams.

MUSICIANS. I have defined myself as a musician for as long as I can remember. Here is a list of people who have done the same. Some I’ve never met but have corresponded with. Others I’ve known forever. Some are bravely trying to keep the dream alive. Others have been living theirs for decades. All have that extra something that makes them glow.

PEOPLE. One great thing about what I do is that I get to meet lots of people. Many of these have helped me when it was never their business to do so. Some have shared their lives and stories with me. Others have given me reasons to continue doing what I do best. Most have left me with memories to live by. A few I owe more than I will ever repay.