SUBDISC. Or Marcus Ericsson. Swedish. Famed web design whiz. Designed the award winning Rustic Living album site in my living room while I wrote copy. He lived in Kuala Lumpur then but now designs for NIKE and EA out of Frisco. Busy dude on the up and up. Conceptialised Television’s artwork. Better at designing than his countrymen at football.

KASHIYAMA GLASS CRAFT. I met Kazu in a little salarymen bar in Tokyo whilst on tour there. He spoke no English and I had zero Japanese. So we chatted by writing Kanji to each other on napkins. Big burly glassmaker. Raw and real. Said he’d make me a glass and place it on the backshelf of the bar to welcome my return. I wonder if it is there now?

JAMES LEE. Multiple award-winning Malaysian arthouse filmmaker. Photographer. Theatre director. Didn’t like any of his films prior to Washing Machine. Then he casted me in Before We Fall In Love Again. ‘It has no cool moments’, he beamed as he sold the idea. I bought it. So now I have to like it. Looking like a dweebie uncle onscreen is not so bad. Really.

CARL DUNFORD. Carl did the design layout for both Rustic Living and Television. That means he clipped everything together – from album artwork to posters to post cards. He also respects deadlines and has tonnes of stamina when things get hairy. Survives solely on junk food and coffee. That, and weird ass electronica muzak.

TAN CHUI MUI. Filmmaker. Writer. She walked right up to me one day and offered me the lead role to her short film. We shot the thing in 24 hours with Fei Ling who has since gone to Taiwan. It later won the principal prize at Oberhausen Short Films Festival. Now she is hot property. Poetic eye. Perceptive in ways only a rural upbringing can bestow.