ANJALISPEAKS*. Fan. Friend. Stalker. Chastise me when I go astray. By email. Knows the words to all the songs. Wants to eat Thom Yorke’s brains. Or marry Damien Rice. Or be my mother. If Elvis had a stalker like this, he’d never have done those dodgy movies. Or played Las Vegas. Go on girl. Thom Damien or me? Choose. Hm? What? Shit.

SHION. Almost singlehandedly started me a fanbase in Japan. Helped arranged my 12 shows tour of Japan by moving mountains and shovelling dirt. Fanatical Bobby Chen fan. Speaks Mandarin. Sinophile. Loves Malaysia. Husband Oguri nicest guy on earth. Buys me PEACE cigarettes every chance he gets. Gentle steel. Singleminded. Angels from heaven both.

TERENCE TAN. Singaporean. Doctor. Acoustic guitar collector. Has an online guitar shop selling handmade guitars. Not cheap. But amazing. Promises to lend me his pre-war Martin when I make the next record. Only slightly worried that he might not get it back. Enthusiastic. Chatty. Always game for a drink. Keeps a blog. Wants more visitors. Go say hello.