Busan is South Korea’s second biggest city. It is famous for its annual film festival, where many Malaysian indie fimmakers were given their breaks. The city also hosts an international rock festival every August. This year, I’ll be playing.

Many of you will remember that I was in Busan for the film festival last October. To say that it was a memorable trip is a massive understatement. Not only did I get to witness the incredible passion of the Korean people for films and film stars, I got to meet many new friends. I recall thinking what great fun it would be to play some gigs in the city at some stage. Well, that wish came true faster than I thought possible. I received an invitation to play the city’s annual rock festival 6 months later…

The Busan Internationl Rock Festival is in its 8th year of existence. It normally features rock and ska acts from the USA, Japan and Korea in a 3-day event [3rd to 5th August this year] that stretches out over Dadaepo Beach. I am told that the organisers are expecting about 15,000 people per day at the festival this year. So, even if it is no Glastonbury, it ain’t no club gig either.

Anyway, this event is too big and noisy to play solo. So I’ll be backed by a super band consisting of Mac Chew [keyboards], Aji [electric guitar], Ren Takada [pedal steel], Andy Peterson [bass] and Lewis Pragasam [drums]. We will play a 40 minutes set consisting 5-6 songs – all rocked-up and stretched interpretations of songs from Rustic Living and Television. What will it be like? Well, imagine ‘Sunday Best Shoes’ on steroids. Chuckle. May be I should grow my hair and not shave for a few days before the show. Hm.

Should be fun. Come if you are in the vicinity!


Event: Busan International Rock Festival
Location: Dadaepo Beach, Busan
Date: Saturday, 4th August
Time: 7.30pm
Admissions: FOC

Festival Website: Here
Artist Page: Here
Program Schedule: Here