A Singapore-based indie label has produced a compilation CD filled with rock music from all over Asia. The CD has just been released in Singapore by EMI. ‘Jesselton Tonight’ is on it. Support regional music. Go buy!

I received an email from Curtis King last year asking if I’d be interested to support a compilation CD being put together by an indie label called High On Chai in Singapore. The aim is to introduce some of the best contemporary rock music in Asia to a wider audience both in the region and elsewhere. Other than it being a wonderful idea, the fact that 10% of all sales from the CD would go to a charity in India supporting children’s rights made it pretty cool. So I agreed to contribute ‘Jesselton Tonight’ to it.

In the months that followed, I’d become friends with the Amith Narayan – the owner of High On Chai – who is also a member of a fantastic ethnic / folk / rock duo called ‘The Unseen Guest’. Indeed, it was from him that I got the news last week that the compilation CD is being released in Singapore at long last. It is entitled ‘Rock In Asia’ and features 17 tracks – as follows:

[1] ‘Oiran’ by Zettaimu / Japan; [2] ‘The Boohoorah Theory’ by Seven Collar T-Shirt / Malaysia’ [3] ‘Change’ by The Ocean Band / Singapore; [4] ‘Chien Tranh’ by Microwave / Vietnam; [5] ‘Will You Ever Learn’ by Typecast / The Philippines; [6] ‘Jesselton Tonight’ by Pete Teo / Malaysia; [7] ‘Itsuka Kit’ by Adenosine Tri Phosphate / Japan; [8] ‘Fear’ by Pentagram / India; [9] ‘Stupid A Thing’ by Ugly In The Morning / Singapore; [10] ‘Rasa Yang Tertinggal’ by ST12 / Indonesia; [11] ‘Trying To Be Calm’ by The Old Kings / Singapore; [12] ‘Keraguan’ by Rita Lestariani / Indonesia; [13] ‘White Horses’ by Swackhammer / Vietnam; [14] ‘All Night Long’ by Suzuki Band / Singapore; [15] ‘Dreams Of Grandeur’ by Names Are For Tombstones / The Philippines; [16] ‘Cold Water On My Head’ by Hang Tian / China; [17] ‘Take My Hand’ by The Curtis King Band / Vietnam.

I’d just spent the day listening to the CD. While not all of the tracks are suited to my ears, there is enough there for everyone. Please go and buy it in record stores if you are in singapore. The CD is also available for online purchase on CDBaby if you live elsewhere. It’s for a good cause. So do it quick. You’ll go to heaven. Really. Chuckle.


CD Title: Rock In Asia
Artists: Various
Label: High On Chai / Kingsworld
Distributor: EMI [Singapore]
Online Shop: CD BABY
Website: MySPACE
Email: Amith Narayan at [].