KL Sing Song is a singer songwriter showcase held in Kuala Lumpur every year. Put together entirely by homegrown arts supporters, it is one of the coolest little secrets in the KL arts calendar. It’ll be taking place on the 20th & 21st of July at the KLPAC this year. I will be playing and I got free tickets to give away…

I once asked a Japanese artist how Tokyo became a world class arts centre from nothing in a short space of 30 years. His answer was as revealing as it is educational: ‘we built it one show at a time’. I guess herein lies the crunch – successful scenes don’t just appear from nothing [as many Malaysians seem to expect] – they are built by people ‘one show at a time’.

In KL Sing Song, we have a good example such an effort. The annual showcase is the brainchild of Jerome Kugan, Tan Sei Hon and Azmyl Yunor [they also produce the wonderful grass roots showcase ‘Troubadours‘]. The show basically puts 12 of the best Malaysian singer songwriters onstage [over two nights] at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. Performers normally play for nothing [or for peanuts] and all proceeds go towards the production itself. Dedication like this deserves your support. Please come!


The organisers are giving each performer 14 free tickets to the show this year [each one worth RM25]. And since I am really nice in a stupid way, rather than selling them in the black market, I decided to give them to you instead…

So – this is how it is going to work – the first 7 people who email me or BECKY@peteteo.com (Becky) with the subject line ‘I LOVE homegrown vegetable on a saturday’ will get free tickets [2 tickets each] to the July 21st show [Saturday]. Now, we are not going to check up on this, but it’d be nice if all free tickets go to students, or otherwise, people who really can’t afford the RM25 ticket pricing. Those of you in gainful employment should really support the scene by buying tickets. Yes? Good oh. Chuckle.

[REMEMBER!!] – email me or BECKY@peteteo.com (Becky) with the subject line ‘I LOVE homegrown vegetable on a saturday’ if you want the free tickets!


Performers Roster 1 [Friday 20th July]
Mia Palencia, Reza Salleh, Melina William, Mei Chern, Jerome Kugan, and Michelle & Ling.

Performers Roster 2 [Saturday 21st July]
Pete Teo, Shanon Shah, Azmyl Yunor, Meor, Estrella, and Tan Sei Hon.

Venue: KL Performing Arts Centre, Pentas 2
Date: 20 and 21 July 2006
Time: 8:30pm – 11pm
Tickets: RM25 (Adults), RM20 (Students, Disabled)

NOTE: Tickets available at KLPAC (03 – 40479 000) and The Actors Studio, Bangsar Shopping Complex (03 – 2094 9400). Or email tickets@klpac.com. No advance bookings. Tickets also available directly through Troubadours Enterprise. Call Tan Sei Hon (012 – 285 0931) for more info.

KL Sing Song Website HERE.