TOKYO GIG [東京公演]

[日本語PAGE] I’ll be playing solo in Tokyo on the 29th of October. It’ll be at the ‘Classics’ live house in Shibuya. Lots of industry people are coming and fans from my 2003 Japan Tour. And as there are many Malaysian films at the film festival happening at the same time, we expect lots of Malaysians too.

I’ve been meaning to go back to play in Japan for a while. However, schedule wouldn’t allow it until now. Lasting only 60 minutes, it’s a short gig – but I am really looking forward to it. Not only it’ll be fun to meet old friends again, there’ll be lots of people from the Tokyo Film Festival coming, as well as labels and a friend who writes for GQ Japan. So it should be really fun. Please come if you are in Tokyo!

Other than that, a popular web radio station in Osaka is featuring ‘Television’ ahead of the gig in Tokyo. Apart from the song titles, I don’t understand a word the DJ is saying, but it sounds really flattering. U can hear it HERE.

Much thanks goes to Shiori Takeuchi for arranging everything and being a real star. This is the first gig of perhaps an entire series of stuff in Japan Shiori is helping me set up. Let’s hope things go smoothly. Wish me luck if you can’t come. Looking forward to seeing you if you come. I’m sure there’ll be a few drinks going round on the day. Chuckle.


Venue: Classics Livehouse, Shibuya
Time: 2.00pm
Date: 29th October 2006
Admissions: 1500 Yen [at the door] 1200 Yen [advance booking]
Directions: MAP
Online Enquiries: HERE [English, Chinese & Japanese]
Telephone Enquiries: 080-3244-0188 [English, Chinese & Japanese]

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