Jonathan Kent of the BBC World Service interviewed me just before I left for Pusan and Tokyo a couple of months ago. We talked about ‘Television’ and George Bush’s America. It was a nice chat. The interview was aired on a programme called ‘The Beat’ on BBC World Service last week.

‘The Beat’ is one of those rare radio music programmes that introduces artists from all over the world to millions of BBC listeners worldwide. I did not know about it until I was told they were interested to feature me on the programme. However, I’ve since listened to several episodes of it and find it rather brilliant. It is a great source for anyone interested to discover new music. I highly reccomend it.

Anyway, although I am not certain how they found me, I am really excited to be on it. My interview segment is about 10 minutes long and they played parts of 4 songs taken from ‘Television’. I was featured along with musicians from Algeria and Turkey.


I was also featured on a radio programme called ‘Global Village’ on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation a couple of months back. As they do not keep archives of past programmes, I am in the process of getting a recording of it so that I might upload it for streaming here. Please keep your ears peeled.

NOTE: The current episode of ‘The Beat’ will be taken off BBC’s website in a few days – so go listen to it NOW!