TIME Magazine publishes a glowing review of James Lee’s ‘Call If You Need Me’ wherein Sunny Pang and I played lead. Deems an instant noir classic.

When I first saw the rough cut of ‘Call If You Need Me’, I told James Lee the director that he had just made his best film so far. Without much by way of action or violence, the film is not a typical gangster film, but more a character study. After a long and clever opening scene, it quickly becomes a subtle but compelling study of love and loyalty. I was certain that it would do very well – and so it proved – winning silver at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, garnering a ‘Special Mention’ at the Bangkok International Film Festival, and now getting a great review from TIME Magazine.

Please read the TIME Magazine review HERE.

The film will begin its European festival tour from this November – starting at Nantes and eventually winding up at Rotterdam and the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Here is a rough cut scene in it. Enjoy!

The film will not be released in Malaysian cinemas [it’d be censored to death anyway]. But you can buy the DVD by mail order from Da Huang Pictures – HERE.