On the back of MAFU and 15Malaysia, CNN listed a certain Pete Teo as one of the top 135 people to watch in their annual ‘To Watch’ list. Bugger. There goes the neighborhood….

If you didn’t already know, CNNGO is CNN’s arts and lifestyle imprint. I think its pretty new. Anyway, they have just included me in their list of the top 135 people to watch in Asia. I have no idea what to say or think. It is flattering of course. But it is also pretty weird. Okay, it is infinitely better than a kick in the teeth. So a big big thank you to CNN for the acknowledgement. Still, I ought keep my eyes on the ball. Busy year next year…

Upwards and onwards. 🙂

Click for the CNN 135 People To Watch list. I am number 24.
Click for MAFU Site.
Click for 15Malaysia Site.