The Songwriters Round 25 is at No Black Tie on Friday the 11th of April. Here is the blurb. It is an exciting show and expected to be packed. Please book ahead to avoid disappointment!



The Songwriters’ Round performance format was made famous at the legendary Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville. It subsequently spread outside of Nashville, and has now become a popular means of showcasing works of songwriters all over the world.

The idea behind the Songwriters’ Round is simple: four performers sit on stage at the same time and take turns to play. The performer is encouraged to chat a little about his or her work before s/he performs each song. After the song ends, the next performer would follow, and so on. Thus, round and round it goes, as original songs are performed in an environment that is more reminiscent of a chatty living room than a concert stage.

Planned as a series of concerts, the Songwriters’ Round is a platform for local or visiting songwriters to showcase their work. The selection criteria of the producer will not be based on reputation or genre, but only that the music performed should be good original compositions, and that people would have a good time listening to them.

In the 25th concert of the Songwriters’ Round series, we are proud to present to you:

Reza Salleh

Armed with a low baritone voice, talent for writing affecting songs and formidable stage presence, there has never been doubt that Reza is one of the most promising singer songwriters in the scene. Lately, having been producing a popular grass root showcase at the Laundry Bar called ‘Moonshine’, he has also grown to be one of the most influential exponents of homegrown music. Reza has released a 6 song EP and is working towards a full length record. Sexy and charismatic. One to watch. [Myspace Page]

Jerome Kugan

Jerome is one of the most fervent promoter of homegrown arts. He is also amid releasing his debut record. It’s an album of brilliant electro-acoustic pop, where he is at times cryptic and at times direct, but always himself. His words are poetry and his tunes more like chants than melody. He possesses that rare thing in musicians – an original voice and personality. There should be more like him rather than bland idol wannabes. Seriously good weird stuff. Very rare and very precious. Come with money to get the album. [Myspace Page]

Paolo Delfino

Philippines born and Malaysian bred, Paolo has been making waves in the KL live scene lately. I finally got a chance to see him play a couple of months ago and everything I saw confirmed what I’d heard from others. Embodying an eclectic influences of soul, pop and rock, the man is a superb entertainer on stage. His songs are clever, witty, and oftentimes achingly poignant. One of a new generation of singer songwriters in Malaysia that deserves wider recognition beyond the indie circuit. Get him to do ‘Traveller’s Tune’. I loved it. You will too. Super prospect. [Myspace Page].

Edwin & Albert

Long time followers of the Round will remember this wonderful duo. Their Beatles-esque Mandarin pop songs are as infectious as they are fun to watch. Due to work commitments, they have been quiet of late. I’ve missed them. I know many of you do too. Of those who don’t know them, I wish I could provide you with a Myspace link or something – but they don’t do self-promotion. Hell, they don’t even have an up-to-date photo of themselves. The one shown here is from their childhood in the Bentong foothills. Welcome back boys. Ha.

Open Mike:

How would you like to perform your original songs at the Round? We welcome new, old, or otherwise non-professional songwriters, and will open the floor to those who wish to play after the featured acts are done. Please bring your own instruments if you can, and talk to me ahead of time on the night. You can also contact me in advance at Unfortunately, due to logistic limitations, the open mike is for acoustic solo performers only and we are not able to accept bands.

Contact Info & Road Directions:

Reservations: Tel: 03-2142-3737 Email:

Address: Jalan Mesui Off Jalan Nagasari (behind the Istana Hotel), Bukit Bintang, KL. [Make a left at the slip road right after the Istana Hotel on Jalan Raja Chulan if you are heading away from Shazhan Towers. Then the second right turn takes you to Jalan Mesui. Its one of the outlets on the left.]