The Malay version of my song ‘I Go’ [entitled ‘Pergi’ and sung by Aizat] won the ‘Song Of The Year’ award at the Anugerah Juara Lagu 24 last Sunday. Its a great honor. We dedicate this award to Yasmin Ahmad.

I am not normally one to dwell too much on awards when it comes to music – but I must admit to being super proud with this one. This is especially so when, in retrospect, the words are hauntingly apt when applied to the one person who believed in the song from its inception – Yasmin. I know she’d be proud of the award too.

My thanks to Aizat – who did a fantastic job singing it. Genervie Kam for the great strings arrangements for the ‘live’ version below. Nick Lee for his contribution to the studio version of the song. Universal Music for agreeing to record and include a Malay version of the song for the Original Soundtrack CD to the movie ‘Talentime’ [from where the song was first heard by the country]. And all you great people out there who love the song and keep the flame of a better Malaysia alive.

Here’s to a better home.