My new album ‘Television’ is out in stores. Please check out our nationwide dealers list in the preview section before you head out with cash in hand. The album is also available for online sale at CD Baby and i-TUNES.

The making of ‘Television’ has been at various times fun, worrying, frustrating and rewarding – but mostly, it has been pretty bloody intense. Imagine trying to put together a logistically complicated project without a supporting admin team. Add in a modest budget but big ambition. Stir in a wish-list of demanding artwork and packaging elements. Then sprinkle in publicity and distribution stuff. All co-ordinated out of my little study and powered by an obsessive compulsive personality. Via the Net. It’s been pretty wild. I wonder if Britney’s project room is messy like my bomb shelter? Probably not.

It’s more than worth the effort though. I am really pleased with the record. We’ve received great comments from those who have heard it right through production. In fact, a nationally syndicated radio program called ‘Pacific Time’ in San Francisco did a feature on the album before it was even mixed. And the BBC World Service and CBC has each done a feature on it. We expect more overseas coverage later, but in the weeks ahead, you will be reading and hearing quite a bit about the album in Malaysia.

But media hype is just that – media hype. You should listen to the thing yourself. Especially if you have plans to let me lay my grubby fingers on your hard earned mullah. To this end, we have set up a preview facility right here on this site. Given Streamyx’s snail-like impersonation of broadband, it may be a little frustrating to use for those in Malaysia, but a little patience should bear fruit. If you like what you hear, please don’t forget to help me advertise the album by using the tools provided. And do drop me a note in the brand new guestbook. Lastly, please don’t just rip it from someone else. Go buy one. For one, the artwork is well worth having. For another, it’ll keep me from dying a broken man in a sewer somewhere. My thanks in advance. Enjoy!


WHERE TO BUY ONLINE?: You can go directly to CD Baby to buy the CD online or download MP3s of the album at i-TUNES.