In addition to my official showcase, I will be playing one other show at SXSW. After that, I’ll fly from Austin to London for some meetings and an intimate pub gig. The London gig is in Whitechapel. A few industry people and new friends will be coming. Please come if you can.

I got an email from Tom Gimbel last week inviting me to play at his label’s SXSW event on the same day as my official SXSW showcase. Tom’s label is High Wire Music and his event is entitled ‘Hootenanny’. It is a multi-act event that features some pretty amazing acts (including the absolutely lo-fi and unique Daniel Johnston – who Kurt Cobain once famously wore a T-Shirt of on MTV). I met Tom in MIDEM in January and he had good things to say about my work. Anyway, he asked me to play when one of the acts originally slated to play had to drop out – so you won’t find me on their earlier publicity releases as I am very much a last minute inclusion. Still, I am happy to be asked and think it will be great fun.

After Austin, I will fly to London and Amsetrdam for a few meetings. It’s been years since I was last in London, so I emailed Owen Nicholas to tell him I’m coming. Owen hails from Kuching and is a superb singer songwriter in the English folk tradition. He is studying to be a doctor and is a regular performer at many local London clubs. Owen had suggested earlier that I played a couple of shows with him if I was ever in town. After a little calling around, and despite very short notice, he wrote to me last week to say that he’d found me a slot playing a 30 minute set at a pub called ‘The White Hart’ in Whitechapel. I haven’t played in London since I was a student there. So I am really looking foward to this one too. My thanks goes to Owen and the organisers for setting this up…

See you there!



Date: Thursday 15th March 2007
Time: 11.15am
Venue: Habana Calle on 6th St
Duration: 30 minutes / SOLO
Event: Hootenanny



Date: Thursday 15th March 2007
Venue: Creekside EMC at Hilton Garden Inn
Time: 12 Midnight
Event: Official SXSW Showcase
Set Length: Approx 40 Minutes / SOLO

[Map & More Information] – CLICK HERE.


Date: Friday 23rd March 2007
Time: 7.15pm GMT [Owen Nicholas] 8.00pm GMT [Pete Teo]
Venue: ‘The White Hart’ in Whitechapel, London
Duration: 30 Minutes / SOLO
Organiser: Bed Springs. Call Dave on 07764486267 for bookings.

[Directions]: Nearest station – Whitechapel tube station. Upon exiting station turn left and it is about a three and a half minute walk. 1 Mile End Road.