Two James Lee films open simultaneously in a double bill at GSC KL and Penang on the 10th of May. Come support your homegrown indie films! While you’re at it, you might as well have a giggle at my expense – for I play lead in one of them.

The two films in the double bill are ‘Before We Fall In Love Again’ [More] and ‘Things We Do When We Fall In Love’ [More]. Both have competed in international film festivals all over the world and are parts of an eventual trilogy of films about human relationships. The last as yet unnamed film in the series will begin shooting in July. I will be in it.

Anyway, I have not seen the ‘Things We Do When We Fall In Love”, so I can’t tell you much about it – but I am one of three leads in ‘Before We Fall In Love Again”. It is a story about a missing woman [Amy Len] and how her husband [Chye Chee Keong] and her lover [Me] go looking for her together. Despite its title, the film is more a black comedy than a romance. As with all of James’s work, it is definitely not ‘commercial’. Having said that, the film is possibly the most acessible of Jame Lee films so far. It has been received well in the international art house film festival circuit. The French, Japanese and Koreans loved it. And I play an ‘uncle’ in it. So please go support it if you can. Just don’t go expecting to see ‘Spiderman 3’. Ha.

[More Info at Da Huang Pictures]

Screening Info

Date: Opens 10th May 2007
Cinemas: GSC Mid-Valley [KL], GSC One Utama [KL], GCS Gurney [Penang]
Time: Check local listings
Tickets: Check local listings