I put two local and one Korean band on the same bill at No Black Tie on 14th November. Call it an indie band cultural exchange between South and North East Asia. It’ll be super fun. Please book ahead of time to avoid disappointment!


RM20 Cover Charge

A good band is always more than the sum of its parts. It is about the chemistry between the individuals rather than the individuals themselves. For this reason, good ones are rare. But you can always tell the good from the bad. Goods bands somehow manage to sound organic and comfortable even when they are new. Bad ones sound like newly-weds even if they’ve been together for decades. Bands are weird like that…

We have three good bands for you tonight. They are as follows:


Tama & Vagabond sound tight as hell. They play a riff-driven blend of Korea rock music that is both melodic and compelling. I first heard them at the Busan Interntional Rock Festival back in August. Tama and I have since become good friends. He is both a producer and a promoter back home. Come meet him and the boys. Don’t forget to bring some Malaysian love. [Website]

FURNITURE [Malaysia]

Furniture is one of those bands whose sound is as uncommon as it is difficult to define. ‘Edgy, layered, challenging and oddly romantic’ is how I would put it. They aren’t for you if you like your music easy. But you do owe it to yourself to see them live. Hordes of hipcats and scenesters swear by it. My mother does. Ronnie the band’s leader likes my mother. So do I. [Myspace]

REZA SALLEH [Malaysia]

You already know that Reza is one of the hardest working and accomplished singer songwriters in Malaysia. And if you’ve only seen him solo so far, it is about time you check out good he is in a band set-up – particularly when his band includes the superb Melina William on bass. Mellow with kicks in all the right places. Sex dressed in baritone hues. Great stuff. [Myspace]

Note For Musicians!

One of the best things about gigs like this is the opportunity to build a cross-border network between indie bands from different countries. Believe me, this is just about the only way indie bands will get to tour other places. I know for a fact that Tama is very keen to make friends with indie musicians throughout the region. If you share this sentiment, come party with us. You’ll like Tama and the boys. They’re great people. See you there!

Contact Info & Road Directions:

Reservations: Tel: 03-2142-3737 Email:

Address: Jln.Mesui Off Jln.Nagasari (behind the Istana Hotel), Bukit Bintang, KL. [Make a left at the slip road right after the Istana Hotel on Jalan Raja Chulan if you are heading away from Shazhan Towers. Then the second right turn takes you to Jalan Mesui. Its one of the outlets on the left.]