[日本語インタビュー] While in Tokyo, I was interviewed by a respected Japanese film magazine called CINEMA JOURNAL. The feature will appear in the next issue of the magazine – but the webzine version has just gone live…

Cinema Journal has a long history and reputation as a serious film publication. While not massively circulated, it has a loyal following of filmmakers and film buffs throughout Japan. The magazine first got interested in me at the Tokyo International Film Festival last year and was keen to arrange an interview upon news that I was back for a gig. So we had a fun chat at the Thai restaurant in the middle of Kichijoji Park the day after my Shibuya show. As the feature is written in Japanese, I don’t really know how or what is written – though Shiori tells me it is a good one.

This is actually kinda unusual – because rather than it being just a run-of-the-mill interview feature as I first thought – the editor has expanded it to be a bit of a serialised Personality Special in 5 parts. Anyway, I hope you read Japanese – otherwise, I guess there is always Babelfish. Enjoy it. Chuckle.

Part 1 [第一回] – Introduction & Live Review – READ HERE [In Japanese / 日本語]
Part 2 [第二回] – Interview [Background] – READ HERE [In Japanese / 日本語]
Part 3 [第三回] – Interview [Music] – READ HERE [In Japanese / 日本語]
Part 4 [第四回] – Interview [Malaysian New Wave] – READ HERE [In Japanese / 日本語]
Part 5 [第五回] – Interview [Acting & Directors] – READ HERE [In Japanese / 日本語]